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Dankadence Canna Honey 160mg D9-THC

Dankadence Canna Honey 160mg D9-THC


Indulge in the sweet and delicious taste of our Dankadence CannaHoney, made with raw, unpasteurized South Carolina wildflower honey infused with hemp-derived D9-THC using a liposomal infusion method. Our CannaHoney offers fast-acting onset, usually within 30-60 minutes, and increased bioavailability due to our clean and effective ingredients.


Features: Fast acting onset, 30-60 minutes, Increased Bioavailability, Clean ingredients, 5mg D9-thc per teaspoon / 15mg D9-thc per tablespoon; Serving Size: One teaspoon 5mg D-9-THC; 32 servings per bottle.


Ingredients: Raw unpasteurized SC Honey, sunflower lecithin, hemp extract

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