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Where We Stand

Why We Need To Clarify: Over the last year we’ve made a lot of memories, had a lot of fun, empowered local cannabis commerce, and learned a lot about ourselves. Our users, and partners expect the very best from us, so it’s only fair we provide the best experience possible! In the midst of creating these experiences for our buds, we can’t overstate how much you push and motivate us! However, as we continue to grow as a company there’s a few things we have to set a few things straight.

Who we are CannaGo is a technology company that connects people with their favorite neighborhood dispensaries throughout Atlanta. We promise to be a safe, impactful, reliable and inclusive platform for all buds! We enable store owners to offer a new, and unique way to shop their stores while meeting consumer demands for convenience. Providing a last-mile delivery solution like this allows us to provide an ecosystem of customers, drivers and local business owners with a way to shop, earn and grow!

Our commitment CannaGo is a mobile iOS App that gives users an on-demand delivery solution for legal hemp. CannaGo is committed to empowering cannabis commerce through enhanced shopping experiences and education. We owe a lot to our buds and we’re nothing without your support. So we promise to our customers, store partners, and drivers to embody the aforementioned principles wholeheartedly. We promise to go above and beyond the status quo for you. We promise to work every day to bring the best shopping, partnership, and driving experiences possible to our buds.


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