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Meet the Founders

So let’s start things from the beginning…

Before the blogs, business plans and big aspirations there was nothing. Just 3 (literally) hungry, very different college sophomores from 3 corners of the country who have probably walked passed each other countless times on the renowned Morehouse campus without even noticing. However, thanks to sharing the common want for free pizza and a potential shot at an internship the 3 converged on Woodruff “Woody” library one winter evening. Tons of slices of pepperoni and questions later, after the interest meeting the soon to be buds huddled together in hopes of just introducing themselves to one another. As Victor, Matt & Kevin introduced each other and spoke about their own individual skill sets, we quickly realized how complementary they could be to one another. Even though CannaGo wasn’t an idea yet, we knew we had to take a shot at building something together. What followed was numerous scheduled meetings in study rooms trying to hash out how we could add value to people’s lives. After tons of trial and error, we began to zero in on problems we saw in the cannabis industry. We noticed there were glaring holes in the transparency companies displayed through inefficient supply chains and verification of these products, as well as a very limited way to conveniently access them. Even better there were no options to buy cbd online and get it delivered, or even giving access to those who need it along the east coast and southeast region. With cannabis laws slowly beginning to turn, CannaGo found its home in hemp delivery. We want to empower the end consumer to make more conscious decisions concerning consumption, the drivers that play a pivotal role in our ecosystem as well as the brick and mortar CBD shops that serve these local communities. After tons of tweaking, bootstrapping and growing pains we find ourselves at the ending stages of bringing this gift to the world. A safe, standard and transparent way for consumers to receive the CBD products they need by way of on-demand delivery.

So why not introduce you to the buds behind the idea?

Let’s introduce you to our product perfectionist and founder Victor. He’s our esteemed Head of Product here at CannaGo. Between a childhood full of the suntans of South Beach and the muggy midwest of Tennessee, this boy scout still found time in between to train himself to become a self taught developer by age 15. That then led him to pursue app development and ultimately at age 17 launched 2 top 300 ranked and one top 325 ranked app in Apple’s App Store. As if that didn’t knock your socks off already, Victor has also worked at one FinTech company doing Research and Innovation and another being a Y-Combinator MedTech company as a Product Marketer.

Come meet Matthew, our marketing maestro. He’s our agile co-founder and Head of Marketing here at CannaGo. This Philadelphia native, pasta fan and Eagles fanatic *Go Birds* started cultivating his personal, professional and business development skills at a young age. By age 16 he held his first sales job selling over $20k a week. He then went on to be selected to participate in UberPitch Philadelphia 16’ by age 17, and ultimately launching his own marketing business at 18. Matt has helped design and execute digital campaigns for small businesses as well as dynamic motivational speakers. Matt’s love for innovation is so strong because he believes it allows people to make extraordinary impact through unconventional ideas.

Meet our engineering emperor Kevin, he’s our astute co-founder and Head of Engineering here at CannaGo. Not far from Silicon Valley in Oakland, Kevin grew up fascinated with technology at a young age. This grew into him creating his first computer game at age 9 (Yes, you read that right). During high school Kevin took computer science courses and even developed a web page for his school district before getting his degree in it from Morehouse College. He’s also held impressive internships at Fortune 500 companies while attending school as well. Kevin shares a very strong passion for technology because he believes it is the key to solving some of the world’s largest problems.


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