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What is Delta 8?

First things first: Different variants and kinds of CBD products are constantly popping up and the craze is growing, but with that is a growing importance of understanding the different types and how they are vastly different. Today, we’ll cover what Delta-8 is. Delta-8 is a chemical compound that is found in hemp & plants. Another word for these compounds are “cannabinoids”. Does it get you high? Yes... but to a degree, and I know you’re probably wondering how right? Delta 8 has things in common with a similar form which is more popularized, Delta-9. Delta-9 is the compound in cannabis that causes the psychoactive “high” that most people refer to when they are talking about THC products. The reason why is because Delta-9 has higher concentration levels in cannabis than Delta-8 would for example. The result of these different concentration levels is that Delta 8 causes a much more toned down psychoactive effect on users. The presumed reason for this is that Delta-8 binds to the endocannabinoid system in an alternative way than Delta-9 because of where its double bond is located on Delta-8. According to research, Delta-8 has a double bond on its 8th carbon atom and Delta-9 has it on the 9th atom. Is Delta-8 legal? The short answer is it depends on where you are, so it’s best to check your state's laws around Delta-8. Furthermore, Delta-8 is legal in some states because it is extracted from federally legal hemp plants. This is allowed by some states via the Farm Bill that was passed in 2018. Hemp and its derivatives are now legal and removed from the control substances list so this has allowed people to flourish in the Delta-8 market technically and legally. Where is Delta-8 Legal? Delta-8 isn’t legal everywhere. Some states still are up in the air about how to handle it, and some have already restricted or banned the substance. As it stands, it is currently restricted in 17 states that consist of…

  • Alaska

  • Arizona

  • Arkansas

  • Colorado

  • Delaware

  • Kentucky

  • Idaho

  • Iowa

  • Michigan

  • Mississippi

  • Montana

  • New York

  • North Dakota

  • Rhode Island

  • Utah

  • Vermont

  • Washington

*It is also being reviewed for clarification on the regulations behind it in Alabama, Illinois, Oklahoma and Oregon.* Where Can I Buy It? Delta-8 is a lot more readily available than most people tend to think. You can find Delta-8 products in your local dispensaries/cannabis shops, as well as online retailers of course. However, you can find them at unconventional places you wouldn’t expect like convenience stores, local gas stations and vape shops as well. There’s also a very extensive product catalogue for Delta-8, from beverages, to pre rolls, sweet gummies and tons of other edibles and oil based products. Parting Words: Even though it is very accessible, we still advise you to do your research on these products and the quality of them. Don’t be scared to ask your retailer about testing details, and other sensitive information to make sure your product is safe. Also when thinking about Delta-8 products, if you are wondering if it may be right for you, seek outside counsel from health experts and if worried about dosage it is much better to start with a smaller dosage and scale your way up. Now you’ve got a crash course in Delta-8, and we hope you found this information useful!


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