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How to Infuse CBD Into Your Diet

Infusing CBD Isolate Into Your Diet

With the growing craze around CBD and it’s products. One of the most important things that get overlooked or confused is how to safely infuse CBD into your diet. For starters, it is not as simple as just taking some CBD oil, or drowning your favorite salad in it. There are much more calculated precautions to be wary of when trying to infuse CBD products. Read below for tips on how to safely and effectively infuse CBD into your diet!

Things you should know before starting:

CBD is not a one stop solution nor remedy.

  • Basically don’t expect to take a few drops of CBD and think it alone will change your diet. Start practicing a healthy diet in other ways like exercising, eating fruits, vegetables among other healthy things. CBD is much more effective when you are already practicing a healthy diet and CBD is used in concert with that. It is always recommended to consult with your doctor first to see if CBD use can be beneficial for you.

Experimenting with Dosage

  • CBD like many other supplements, have different effects on everyone. Therefore, what may be a good dosage or sweet spot for a friend may not be the case for you. Since that is the case, we suggest starting off with smaller doses and then working your way up to a dose you're comfortable with.

Find the Right Product

  • CBD is widely available from your local CBD store or boutique, to even some of your local grocery stores

  • There are several types of different CBD oil and reputable brands that sell it. Do your own research and read tons of reviews to see if it’s up to your standards.

Rules for Infusion

  • CBD does have a boiling point that you don't want to reach as it may lose effectiveness as a result. This temperature is seen most often over 350 degrees fahrenheit.

  • CBD pairs very well with butter, olive oil, MCT oil, coconut oil, emulsified fats (chocolate/mayo), nuts, avocados and some herbaceous spices.

  • Most research suggests not to use any more than 20mg of CBD, and recommend using Full Spectrum or CBD isolate products when cooking or infusing.

How to infuse CBD in your breakfast diet:

Let’s get down to the real tea on CBD tea. One thing to know when using CBD products is that they pair very well with emulsified fats, as they bind to them. So how about sprucing up that morning coffee a couple notches?

We first would recommend getting a tool or instrument to help you measure out an appropriate dosage.

Once you’ve figured out which is a comfortable dosage for you, after adding your cream and sugar, add your choice of CBD oil and stir continuously as if you are trying to get it to dissolve in the tea.

Bon-Appetit-Tea !

How to infuse CBD into your lunch diet: Now that we’ve tackled the most important meal of the day, let’s take a look at the second meal of the day that helps you power through, Lunch! This is geared towards a healthy diet, so we’ll talk about how you can jazz up that favorite smoothie or light salad. Let’s first start with infusing CBD into your favorite salad.

  1. Grab your trusty measuring tool and follow these instructions.

  2. CBD can and is commonly used sparingly as a salad dressing as it does go well with some cold foods like salads.

  3. Making your salad to your liking and style

  4. Sprinkling those last few croutons on top, grab that CBD Oil for the finishing touches. Be warned however, the taste of CBD oil can be a bit powerful, so if you have another liquid to combine it with (say for example a caesar dressing) we’d recommend grabbing it!

How to infuse CBD into your dinner diet: It’s time for the last, but not least important meal of the day, Dinner! Whether its honey glazed salmon or your mom’s classic baked ham you would be surprised at the different ways you can infuse CBD into your favorite dinner dishes! How about zesting up that pesto?

  1. After pulsing the basil several times

  2. Add in …

  3. Garlic

  4. Cheese

  5. Salt

  6. Pepper

  7. Add in your olive oil slowly and pulse

  8. Once your pesto sauce is done, measure out the appropriate amount of CBD oil that is a suitable dosage for yourself, add it in and pulse

  9. Now you Cann-enjoy your pesto.


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